26 October 2019

How to automate internal processes? Axabee Hackathon reveals great ideas

We really like to meet and discuss new innovative ideas. Hackathons are a great opportunity to develop something valuable. That`s why we try to organize such events on a regular basis.

Our autumn edition of Grand Axabee hackathon was organized to discover new ideas concerning broadly defined automation. The idea of a hackathon, a programming marathon, is to find a solution to a specific problem, in a limited amount of time. We were trying to come up with solutions that could help with internal processes within our company, as well as within our clients organisations.

Dozen of brilliant teams consisting of developers, designers, engineers had to work together to come up with useful ideas. As a result – we have a lot of inspiration for future projects. And it only took us 2 hours! We try to organize hackathon as often as we can. It generates creativity and is a perfect way to integrate the whole team.

Brainstrorming session…

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