26 March 2020

Case study: Microsoft Teams Implementation in Itaka

Microsoft Teams is an advanced comprehensive team work tool , especially helpful when most members of an organization work remotely.

In response to the current situation on the market, Itaka – the largest tour operator in the Polish tourism industry, needed a reliable solution to work in the home office system. Thanks to years of experience working with Office 365, we managed to implement Teams in just 3 days.

Main goals:

  • Very fast implementation in the organization
  • Implementation of a stable and reliable tool for remote work in an company with several hundred employees
  • Gathering different functionalities in one app: mail, phone, instant messaging, meeting calendar, file sharing platform and many, many more

Key features:

  • Organization of online meetings on multiple platforms simultaneously (desktop, mobile, browser)
  • Individual and group chats, video conferencing
  • Creation of teams by combining groups of people
  • Sharing images, presentations and desktop,
  • Exchange of documents, both in chat and in team tasks,
  • Planning meetings and keeping a calendar


  • Easy to use and intuitive communication tool
  • Enabling remote work for hundreds of employees virtually overnight
  • Creating groups and channels for team-to-team communication based on the company’s extensive organizational scheme

Last weekend I had the opportunity to use Microsoft Teams.

It turned out that there are plenty of us – Teams’ users out there! Very useful application, especialy these days…

Michał Wesołowski

Executive Manager at Itaka

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