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9 August 2022

Android Jetpack Compose. Is declarative framework the future of UI app development?

Many User Interfaces in apps are lousy. They mislead the user, they are laggy or crash altogether, and on top of that, they are a nightmare for developers who maintain them. And as every app has a UI framework behind it, it is wise to choose the framework that would result in a better user and developer experience. Selecting the proper framework plays a massive part in how the app is created and its performance, and if you want to avoid code riddles with large amounts of convoluted conditional logic, time to switch from imperative to declarative asap. Here is how we have done it.

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21 July 2022

Why flutter is a high performance framework for application development?

Mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular. Luckily, developers nowadays have access to countless programming tools to develop apps. And among the crowd of such tools is Flutter, which has stood out lately. Let’s go through what it is, what it entails, and more.

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28 June 2022

Study Tour App – simple data collection using forms

The Study Tour App was created mainly for fam trips for Itaka employees. It is also successfully used in various types of training, e.g., for the booking system or for events in which a new offer is presented. Its primary function is to create forms (including form elements) and make them available to people who want to participate in an event. See its main functionalities and what has changed in comparison to the previous version of the app.

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28 April 2022

Workation in Thailand seen “through the eyes” of our UX/UI Designer – Angelika

Are you wondering if you can work and travel at the same time? Yes, it is possible! Along with the increased popularity of remote work, a new phenomenon has developed – workation. In the new text on the Axabee blog, our UX/UI Designer Angelika presents from her perspective the pros and cons of such work while she is away in Thailand.

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14 March 2022

Travel technology trends – what to expect in Q2 2022

The Travel industry (like any other) has faced many restrictions and lock-downs since the pandemic has emerged. These factors have forced some consumers to reevaluate their priorities. Some have begun considering the environmental damage associated with their travel, while others are beginning to question the complexity of the term and condition documents related to travel bookings. One thing is sure – consumers’ behaviors are changing, so are the needs and expectations. What needs have to be taken into consideration in 2022? Find out in this article.

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13 January 2022

Third-party cookies are soon to be gone. Instead, first-party cookies are the way to earn customers’ trust.

Delivering relevant content (including ads) improves conversion. That seems obvious in the ‘busy XXI century’ – users can spend less time to find what they want. This is crucial in many markets – travel is one of them. Third-party cookies were the key to success for giants like Facebook or Google. We have witnessed the rising demand for services and products almost instantly. Thanks to the third-party cookies, it was possible to collect users’ data to provide such info. However, something has changed – people now demand more control over their privacy.

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24 November 2021

Black Friday & Cyber Monday – best deals in Travel Industry

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are relatively new events (comparing to, i.e., Thanksgiving). However, these days are a significant opportunity for retail businesses, especially in the e-commerce sector. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are popular not only in the United States – they have spread around the globe. There is also one particular event that emerged around Black Friday and Cyber Monday — Travel Tuesday. It proves that the seasonal spike in demand also affects the travel industry. Find out more about these opportunities in this article.

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3 November 2021

Safe trip? Go contactless on your journey with Itaka app

Even before the pandemic, we had contactless payments — and it’s no surprise that in Covid-19 times this technology became an everyday thing. It is necessary to emphasize that the zero-touch option is in demand, especially for the younger generations. These solutions shorten the time of any actions, from making payments to… traveling. Remote check-in? Yes, please — use a mobile application, scan your board pass at the kiosk and print your bag tag.

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29 September 2021

Omnichannel experience results in higher conversion rates

Omnichannel experience can boost your ROI, and that’s a fact. But, how can this approach translate into higher conversion rates? Omnichannel marketing does not focus strictly on one channel, and it’s not bound to one. This means that your communication is effective in all media, as they cooperate and your brand speaks a unified message and voice.

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1 September 2021

Mobile trends and travel industry

Mobile devices are more than popular. They are a common thing, as smartphones have become a constant companion for almost everyone. As every year since 2016 is the ‘year of mobile’, mobile app development is a gold mine. Thus, following the trends and getting ahead of the game in terms of reaching a wide audience within mobile users is — or should be — one of the main goals for businesses.

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30 July 2021

Why is software testing crucial in the travel industry?

Software testing is a key stage in the development process. Why is it so important? Software testers perform tests to identify bugs that may have serious consequences in the future. What are the different types of software testing? The life cycle of software testing includes unit, integration, system, and acceptance testing. Axabee specializes in web and mobile application development for the travel industry, which requires experience with all these stages and more.

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Woman using MacBook

29 June 2021

Critical e-commerce mistakes to avoid

Running an e-commerce business requires a lot of effort. You have to pull your socks up from the very beginning to get ahead of the game. The Internet never sleeps, therefore, sometimes you have to burn the candle on both ends to go the extra mile and build your competitive advantage. We know what you’re going through. That’s why we created a list of critical e-commerce mistakes to avoid.

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11 December 2020

Axabee Shows History of Client Satisfaction and Project Success!

For the non-experts, the world of software development can seem madly complicated. Imagine being around two software developer friends who are just talking about some new gadget then, suddenly, they’re speaking in jargons that sound too pretentious to understand.

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24 November 2020

A perfect travel mobile app doesn’t exi… oh wait! How to create an engaging travel software for mobile?

There are more than 2 million mobile apps available for download on the App Store, and almost 3 million of them on Google Play Store. The average user stores around 15-20 mobile applications on his/her device. And how many apps do you keep on your smartphone?

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28 September 2020

Do not underestimate the power of UX in travel

UX is very important, especially if you want to create intuitive and inclusive applications and websites. A proper user experience analysis should be performed during the process of developing software, especially when it comes to apps and services created for travel companies.

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26 August 2020

How to choose the best software house for your travel business?

Searching for a reliable software house that will help you create excellent travel IT products? Applications dedicated to travel industry need to fulfill specific requirements – they should be well designed, safe, stable and indefectible. Not all IT companies can deliver… Therefore, you need to choose a partner wisely. There are few things you need to pay attention to before choosing the right tech partner.

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10 August 2020

Software development outsourcing. 5 reasons why you should consider it.

Nowadays, lots of modern companies seek external support when it comes to conducting IT projects. We all know that developing software may be a very time-consuming and costly process.

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26 October 2019

How to automate internal processes? Axabee Hackathon reveals great ideas

We really like to meet and discuss new innovative ideas. Hackathons are a great opportunity to develop something valuable. That`s why we try to organize such events on a regular basis.

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24 September 2018

Brand new office in Wroclaw!

Our Axabee team in Wroclaw is continuously expanding! That was one of the reasons we recently moved to a new, cosy and spacious office with a great location.

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