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11 December 2020

Axabee Shows History of Client Satisfaction and Project Success!

For the non-experts, the world of software development can seem madly complicated. Imagine being around two software developer friends who are just talking about some new gadget then, suddenly, they’re speaking in jargons that sound too pretentious to understand.

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24 November 2020

A perfect travel mobile app doesn’t exi… oh wait! How to create an engaging travel software for mobile?

There are more than 2 million mobile apps available for download on the App Store, and almost 3 million of them on Google Play Store. The average user stores around 15-20 mobile applications on his/her device. And how many apps do you keep on your smartphone?

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28 September 2020

Do not underestimate the power of UX in travel

UX is very important, especially if you want to create intuitive and inclusive applications and websites. A proper user experience analysis should be performed during the process of developing software, especially when it comes to apps and services created for travel companies.

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26 August 2020

How to choose the best software house for your travel business?

Searching for a reliable software house that will help you create excellent travel IT products? Applications dedicated to travel industry need to fulfill specific requirements – they should be well designed, safe, stable and indefectible. Not all IT companies can deliver… Therefore, you need to choose a partner wisely. There are few things you need to pay attention to before choosing the right tech partner.

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10 August 2020

Software development outsourcing. 5 reasons why you should consider it.

Nowadays, lots of modern companies seek external support when it comes to conducting IT projects. We all know that developing software may be a very time-consuming and costly process.

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26 October 2019

How to automate internal processes? Axabee Hackathon reveals great ideas

We really like to meet and discuss new innovative ideas. Hackathons are a great opportunity to develop something valuable. That`s why we try to organize such events on a regular basis.

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24 September 2018

Brand new office in Wroclaw!

Our Axabee team in Wroclaw is continuously expanding! That was one of the reasons we recently moved to a new, cosy and spacious office with a great location.

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