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To improve work at the destination of a given trip, Axabee implemented the RepApp application for Itaka, which enhances the daily work of tour representatives and has many benefits for the travel agency's customers. All information flow is updated online in real-time, without paper documentation (GDPR safety). The resident has access to all information regarding the customer's schedule, including arrival, hotel, and time of vacation, simplifies direct contact with the customer (chat or video call), and enables the sale of additional services. RepApp is a tablet application integrated with the Itaka's mobile application, website, and booking system. 
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Let’s see our results

reduced time at the airport
reduced office time

Let’s see our results

reduced time at the airport
reduced office time

Key features
of RepApp

Seamless & contactless communication
Thanks to the integration with Itaka App, the holiday representatives can provide tour participants with information without contacting them directly, e.g., airport transfer schedules, flight schedules, representative contact details, and many more. They can quickly contact their client via instant messenger or Google Meet video chat if the need occurs. As a result, the clients feel safer, looked after, and more independent. The amount of operational work of the holiday representatives is significantly reduced.
Online booking system
The app enables holiday representatives to book additional services for clients, access sales reports, and view the details of amounts, cancellation possibilities, types of payments, names of tour participants, and more. It is possible thanks to integration with the booking system and Itaka App. This way, the representative always stays updated and prepared for upcoming tasks and challenges.
Travel tips section
Traditionally, the essential information would be gathered on paper - the travel agencies would deliver it to the hotels as a book. In a digitalized world, this form of data exchange seems outdated. Thanks to the integration of RepApp with the Itaka App, the tour participant can not only access all the information long before they arrive at the hotel but also find additional tips they may need during their stay in the resort e.g., interesting attractions in the area - without the need to contact a representative in person. The travel agency can moderate all the information before publishing it in the app, and holiday representatives can update it anytime.
Offline app
When traveling, access to the Internet may be hindered for various reasons. We considered that when designing the Rep App, and created software for travel agencies that can be used offline. Of course, the lack of Internet connection excludes the integration with the client's app, but it is still possible, for example, to sell the trips. All the information and updates introduced by the representative into the system become available in the client’s panel instantly once the connection is restored.


The tour representatives reported a reduced number of inquiries about basic information, such as plane departure time, shuttle bus numbers, and timetables. There is also no need to keep paper documents, so the level of safety of personal data has definitely risen. The clients feel safer and looked after, experiencing less travel-related stress and also more independence.
The tour operator can generate more revenue e.g. thanks to the possibility of selling ancillary services directly through the application and reduce the amount of operational work. The ability to process all data in the application has made work more organized and efficient.
Thanks to facilitated communication, work schedule reports, and other handy features, the office work time has been cut by at least 30%, and the time they spend at airports decreased by 50%.

Next steps

The application is being developed all the time according to the current needs of the travel agency and holiday representatives. Although the project was carried out for Itaka, since the beginning we’ve thought about it as a universal travel agent software for small and large tour operators. Thus, it is possible to connect the app with the other systems too. To estimate how much time it would take to implement the solution in your system, feel free to reach out to us.

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