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How can your company become more competitive with a Flutter mobile app?

Flutter's ability to create apps for both Android and iOS platforms with a single codebase can reduce app development costs by up to 50%, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses.

Dynamic development

Hot reload, widgets, and other functionality of Flutter and Dart significantly decrease app development time.

Outstanding design

Flutter is particularly powerful for rapidly creating stylish user interfaces with its massive widget catalog, including Cupertino.

Reduced testing

One Flutter codebase for Android and iOS means less testing time, fewer bugs, and lower maintenance costs.

Rapid updates

You can easily introduce code modifications for both platforms or differentiate app versions if needed with a single codebase.

Significant ROI

The easiness of Flutter development and the great quality of a final product help maximize your ROI quickly after release.

System compatibility

Flutter supports older system versions for iOS and Android without additional costs expanding the number of potential users even more.

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What are the costs of Flutter app development for Android and iOS mobile devices?
Mobile app development with Flutter is one of the most affordable options. The development costs are reduced due to the rapid and effective cross-platform development handled by a single team of programmers instead of two.

Yet, it is impossible to make a total estimation of an application price without considering the details of the project. Mobile applications vary a lot in their complexity which results in different pricing.

The simplest mobile applications of the MVP (minimum viable product) type are usually the most budget-friendly since they are equipped exclusively with the most basic functionality required for launching the product. Still, even in this case, the prices can vary since some MVPs can be pretty complex if they are planned as a foundation of sophisticated programs with intrinsic design.

The features that increase mobile app development costs are integrations, powerful animation, a customizable user interface, and numerous screens. One of the most expensive features of a mobile application is advanced security.
When should I choose app development with Flutter?
The major case to prefer Flutter app development for iOS and Android to React Native's tools, Swift programming, or Android Studio is building cross-platform native-like apps fast and within a reasonable budget. Of course, the time and final costs of the development with Flutter will depend on the complexity of your application. However, this open-source SDK can significantly speed up the mobile app development process.

With its Dart programming language, the Flutter SDK shortens the development cycle due to the possibility of using the same code for Android and iOS and still preserving the option for modifying the two apps separately. Reusing the same source code for multiple platforms will decrease the need for testing. On top of that, this software development kit is powerful for designing complex and beautiful user interfaces. Thus, you should consider Flutter and Dart if you also want to create a cross-platform mobile application with excellent UI and UX fast.

While Flutter offers the necessary support for creating apps for Android and iOS devices, this is also one of the best choices for MVP due to the vast possibilities for saving resources.

Finally, you should consider using Flutter to reach a broad audience, including users of devices with older system versions offering the same app experience with identical user interfaces. This is particularly crucial in the case of Android devices, which do not enjoy the same integrity with system versions as iOS devices.
Is Flutter development safe from the business perspective?
Flutter development for iOS and Android is safe for your business.

Modern technologies rapidly evolve, offering more and more possibilities for building apps. For instance, you do not have to install Android Studio to create an app with native performance or use Xamarin for iOS and Android development anymore. Flutter developers can handle cross-platform mobile app development, which opens new possibilities. However, it brings certain concerns to entrepreneurs.

The major worry regards the support for apps built with Flutter. Since this mobile development technology is relatively new, many companies are concerned about the ubiquity of Flutter development services for future maintenance or upgrades and modifications. In addition, businesses must have stable mobile apps made with Flutter.

Although Flutter app development services are relatively new on the market, it is safe to choose Flutter as a tool for building mobile apps.

The Flutter framework developed by Google is open source. On the one hand, its creator guarantees efficient cross-platform app development. On the other hand, many techs worldwide have already checked the advantages of Flutter and added this development framework to their stack or wholly switched to development using Flutter tools. Furthermore, the object-oriented language Dart has a lot of similarities with Java and C#, which makes it easy to master for an experienced developer. That is why you can always count on support for Flutter applications.

If you still have any second thoughts about creating your first Flutter app, check some of the world-known cross-platform applications of large corporations who have trusted Flutter, for example, Xianyu by Alibaba, Hamilton App, or Google Adds.
When should I use Flutter and the Dart programming language for rewriting code for a native app?
If you use native app development for your application or even have created two native mobile applications for Android and iOS, you have access to rich functionality offered by native development tools specific to these platforms. Yet, there are several possible scenarios when you might need to rewrite your code, and in some situations, you will prefer to use Flutter.

One of the cases when you can benefit from changing your native app into a cross-platform Android, and iOS app with Flutter is when you want to reach the audience of the users of both systems and do it quickly and with minimum expenses.

Even if you have already created a native application for one of the popular platforms, you can still benefit from Flutter, provided you wish to launch it on another platform. Rewriting your original application with Flutter will still be less pricey than creating a separate native application for Android or iOS devices. This single code will be compatible with both platforms.

Rewriting mobile applications with Flutter is recommended if you plan to expand your product's functionality in the future gradually. It will be cheaper for you to modify a single code written in Dart with Flutter rather than change two separate native applications that also have to deliver the same user experience.

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