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We perform UX audits to effectively define the issues in your digital product and build a strategy to reduce friction and raise the conversion rate or assess the web platform's user experience after upgrades or modifications.

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What does UX Audit contain?


UX audit conducted
by a highly qualified UX designer.


An audit report containing all detected issues errors.


A set of recommendations based on the audit results to improve usability and increase conversion rate.

How can you benefitfrom a professional UX audit?

The ever-growing quality of digital products is continually raising customers’ expectations for excellent user experience, which is today as important as the functionality of a product. While almost 90% of users are ready to choose the services offered by competitors when they are unsatisfied with their experience, up to 40% will resign from dealing with a website or app if they do not find its appearance attractive. A UX audit is a valuable opportunity, especially in ecommerce, to evaluate the experience provided by your product and spot the problems curtailing your conversion rate.

performing a complex analysis of your product’s UX design through the perspective of both clients and your business
identifying any disruptions, a user might be experiencing during an interaction with your product
creating guidelines for UX optimization to reach the level of conversion rate you are looking for

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A checklist is a list of specified requirements to be fulfilled bya web platform. Checklists depend on the project and the target users whose needs are defined by variables, e.g., their sex, age, and interests. We need to understand the target group to execute an effective persona-driven audit.


Heuristic analysis

A heuristic evaluation of an application or website is its examination based on service design principles. The most frequently chosen research methods are built on the 10 Nielsen-Molich’s heuristics and 8 golden rules by Schneiderman. Considering these points, our team identifies the most common errors affecting the UX design of your web service.


Cognitive Walkthrough

A cognitive walkthrough is a simulation of the first encounter of a potential user with your product. It helps to understand and reveal any difficulties in performing an action a new person might have while using a product for the first time.

What are the UX audit service costs?
The costs of a UX audit are determined by the amount of work included in the procedure. The expenses grow with the number of screens of a mobile application and the volume of pages of a website that you would like to have reviewed. Furthermore, the design and functionality complexity of your app or website will also affect the final price of employing a UX audit service provider.

In addition, the costs of a UX audit vary depending on the form of the delivery of their results. A cheaper option is a descriptive audit form. A more advanced option is a description plus UX mockups.

Additional services for the UX audit are available, including face-to-face presentations and white-labeled reports. These will require additional payments. Also, the price of a UX audit will be higher if you want to accelerate the procedure.

Feel free to contact us directly to allow us to understand your needs better and give you a detailed cost estimate.
How long does it take to complete the UX audit?
The time required to conduct the UX audit procedures and deliver their results depends on the complexity of your website or application and the form of result delivery you prefer.

The fewer screens or pages you want to review and the simpler the design and functionality of your app or website are, the less time it will take for a UX audit service provider to complete the assessment.

If you are wondering about the time needed to conduct a UX site audit or an audit of an app in your case, contact us for an estimate.
What is the form of delivery of UX audit results?
We prefer delivering the results of the UX audits we complete in the report shared in a PDF format. If you decide to have a UX site audit or a UX app audit at our company, you can choose the form of the content presented in your report. We can also create a white-labeled report for you for an extra price.
How do you deliver recommendations based on your app or website UX audit?
The basic option of recommendation delivery is the description of actions you can take to improve your UX design. Yet, we can prepare a visualization of our suggestions to make it easier for you to see how your application or website can be enhanced. For this, we will use our recommendations to prepare a mockup for you. This extra UX audit service comes for an additional price.

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