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Whether you need to validate the quality of the existing design of your product, completely redesign the application or website or build it entirely from scratch, at Axabee, you will get complex UI/UX services at any stage of your project.
Our vast expertise and multidisciplinary skills allow us to create engaging design solutions that are both stunning and practical. We will ensure interactions with your product will delight your customers and encourage them to return to your app or website.

Design services that we provide


UX Audit

An audit of your product’s UX design carried out by our professionals is a valuable opportunity to understand its usability, accessibility, and attractiveness. We use these insights and conversion numbers to identify weak points of the digital product.


UX Research

With in-depth UX research focused on usabilityand deployed tests with real Internet users, we will help you develop an efficient strategy for product design optimization. Thus, you will save resources and launch your website or application faster.


UX Design

After completing a detailed analysis of your websiteor app, we will help you build an effective strategyto address revealed issues, reduce the bounce rate, increase customer engagement and improve its SXO, which will bring
you more profit.


UI Design

A part of our project is building prototypes of modern and stylish interfaces ready for implementation. Our professional UI designers will give you solutions tailored to the product requirements and help you to avoid costly design modifications in the future.

usability testing

Usability Testing

We offer usability testing for both prototypes and final products. We test usability by observing users attempting to finish a set of tasks with your website or application. These tests give a broad understanding of any feelings and reactions your website or app might trigger.

design system

Design System

It is a set of requirements and rules for your project, while it is also a library of any components. Our professional UI designers will give you solutions tailored to the product requirements and help you to avoid costly design modifications in the future.

How will your business benefit from UX/UI design services?

The UX/UI design of your website or application is your brand’s face in the digital world. While every single dollar invested in it can bring you even $100 of ROI, unsatisfactory user experience makes 88% of customers resign from using your services. Meanwhile, 44% of users are ready to spread the information about their poor experience.

boosted conversions and decreased bounce rate
stronger relationships with customers and higher competitiveness
no wasted time and money on building redundant features
improved SEO and robust performance

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appearance and practicality to meet the needs of your target
group and accurately estimate costs and time for your project.

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What are the costs of UI/UX services of app design?
The UI/UX design costs depend on multiple factors and significantly differ from one product to another. Contacting a UI/UX agency for a more accurate financial estimation will be a good idea.

The more complex an application is, the more money you will need to pay for its UI and UX design. Creating visual elements adds up to the final costs. Moodboards, typography, mockup samples, final mockups, animations, and illustrations impact the design costs. The mere addition of colors to a pallet increases the price as the team of a UX design agency will have to spend more time harmonizing and balancing them.

Note that the choice of a platform for your app will also determine the costs of UI/UX services. For instance, applications for Android are adapted to different system versions and devices that are less unified than iOS devices. This often makes UI/UX design costs for Android slightly more expensive. At the same time, designing an app for iPhones starting from the 6 Plus version requires more investment than the previous versions of iOS-based smartphones because of their retina displays. Moreover, meeting the size, speed, and high-resolution requirements of iPads adds up to 50% to UI/UX design costs.

At the same time, a well-thought design process with a thoroughly completed discovery phase can save you a lot of money.
What are the benefits of working with a UX design agency?
Designing visually appealing digital products that can capture the attention of your potential customers is one of the major tasks of a UI/UX agency. Yet, such collaboration has way more advantages.

UX design teams will work on the performance to ensure your application or website will be appealing and engaging for users. As a result, they will keep using it and bring you more profits and even more customers.

At the same time, the deep market knowledge of UX/UI specialists allows them to find optimal solutions for your project. Although 59% of customers are looking for apps and websites with intrinsic design, 41% prefer minimalistic products. A UX design agency will help you identify the exact needs of your target group and create an optimal product version. This will satisfy customer expectations and lead to effective cost reduction, as you will avoid investing in unnecessary features and functionality.

Effective UX design is also crucial for SEO optimization. Websites with excellent performance, high speed, user-friendly navigation, accessibility, and valuable content have more chances to appear among the top search results.

Finally, all of these benefits will contribute to the reputation of your brand and business.
How will your UI/UX agency design my product?
We pay a lot of attention to the discovery phase, which helps us to understand the purpose of your project better, its perspectives on the market, and the needs and requirements of its potential users. This knowledge is necessary to deliver an optimal product and avoid investment in functionality and features that will not add value to your project.

During the discovery phase, our UX design agency completes thorough market research, analyzes competitors’ products, identifies user personas, and creates user journey maps.

When this process is finished, we move to the design itself, which starts with sketching and ends with building prototypes that then become the subject of user testing.

The testing step can reveal hidden problems, which are successfully tackled before the design is implemented.

Once we ensure a flawless design, we will turn it into an interactive and responsive product by coding. Your application or website will be submitted for further tests before reaching the market.

If you would like to build an MVP (minimum viable product) first, you can use our UI/UX services to develop your website or application further.

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