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Why is investing
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a key to the successful business?

The number of iOS active devices is constantly growing heading to a total of almost 2 billion worldwide and many smartphone users switch to Apple products seeking high-quality and an excellent experience. While the market for your business is rapidly expanding, it also covers developed countries with users ready to pay for outstanding products.

Fast development

iOS devices feature low fragmentation with almost 90% of iPhone owners using the latest iOS version which makes the development process easier.

Efficient testing

Due to iOS integrity and proprietary model, effective app testing and validation require little time.

Excellent user experience

Software and hardware cohesion makes it easier to deliver the same user experience to the users of different versions of iOS devices.

Increased ROI

Reduced time required for development and testing combined with the eagerness of iOS users to pay for great experience gives high ROI.

Outstanding data security

Provide your customers with state-of-the-art malware and hacking protection enforced by iOS technologies.

Support your brand with Apple

The Apple brand has been associated with quality for a long time and you can capitalize on its reputation to help your brand to grow.

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What are the costs of iOS app development for mobile devices?
It is impossible to set any specific price range for developing a mobile app for iPhone and iPad since the costs of mobile app development for iOS vary a lot depending on its complexity.

The cheapest way to build your app is going for MVP or a minimum valuable product, which is equipped with core functionality and a basic interface, and yet, it is ready to use and meets the developer requirements of Apple's App Store.

With each added function, the price of developing an iOS app will be growing. If your app project includes integrations with multiple APIs, machine learning tools and services, an outstanding user interface or advanced animation, you should be prepared to pay more. One of the priciest tasks of iOS development is embedding state-of-the-art security technologies in a mobile application. Furthermore, even the mere addition of multiple screens to an app for iOS can increase its price significantly.

Fortunately, a decision to outsource the development process to a professional team will allow you to create functional native applications with minimalist design if you do not necessarily want to dive into serious investment.

Note that the general trend is that iOS app development in 2022 is usually cheaper than the development of Android applications due to the low fragmentation of iOS devices and the system versions they are using.
Can I count on your support for maintaining my iOS application?
Yes, our team of iOS developers is ready to take care of your application after its publication on Apple's App Store when it already reaches Apple devices. While we are offering complex assistance for the app release itself, you'll also be able to use our support for monitoring the performance and activity of your application with the help of multiple tools including Crashlytics and HockeyApp and get our guidance for possible application improvements and upgrades.

Even if you are not planning to use our maintenance services once your app is successfully delivered, you can still reach us whenever you want to change anything in your product.
Can I use your help for changing my iOS app after its publication?
Yes, when the application development is over and your product is approved by Apple's App Store, we are ready to help you to modify your mobile application or make sure it is regularly updated according to your requirements. If you decide to use the maintenance services of our Apple developers, we will have special time allocated for your project and will be ready to start working on the app modifications right away. In case if you do not use our complex support services after the end of the iOS development, we will still be eager to bring your new ideas to life and change your product, however, you might need to wait for our team to have spare time for a new task if it happens to be too busy at the moment.
Is building a native iOS MVP also a part of your services?
Yes, we do work on minimum viable products (MVPs) for iOS. Actually, we recommend building an MVP before proceeding to develop a more elaborate product first to all our clients.

Many startups decide to go for an MVP since it requires less time and investment, while also giving useful feedback about the success of the product on the market. It also helps companies to understand what functionality is really needed for their product and avoid adding redundant features to their software.

At the same time, we also advise already established brands to choose the best iOS mobile app development approach and invest in an MVP first. The reasons are the same as in the case of startups. Even though successful companies usually have more finances to invest in their applications, it is still worth making sure what exactly can make their final product attractive by launching its basic version first.
Is iOS app development worth investing in?
Many companies that prefer native apps to web applications and cross-platform software development have to choose between iOS and Android app development. At first glance, an Android application seems to be a more sensible choice due to its immense number of users, however, developing an app for Apple's OS can be even more profitable.

One of the greatest advantages of iOS mobile apps is the fact their development is easy and fast due to the high stability of iOS versions. While Apple is generally very careful about the quality of its software, it also takes care of the compatibility of the hardware used in its devices with its operating system. As a result, almost 90% of actively used iPhones today have the newest version of Apple's system.

At the same time, there is also architectural integrity of hardware on the market of Apple's devices as all of them are produced by the same manufacturer.

Furthermore, the software development kit used for building iOS apps boosts the process with its features for cryptography, image processing and other functionality.

All of these factors together make developing and testing a mobile app for Apple products faster and cheaper.

Such low market fragmentation also means your app will be adopted by the majority of Apple smartphones and tablets and it will deliver the same experience to all of its users.

Finally, despite their higher prices, iPhone/iPad devices are gaining more popularity among users who prefer to invest in quality and make sure their privacy and security are on the highest level, which is one of the priorities of Apple's policy. This also makes many iOS users willing to pay for mobile applications that deliver an excellent experience.
What is the best technology used for iOS development?
There is a wide range of technologies that can be used for building an iOS mobile app. Yet, the best programming language for iOS depends on the purpose of your app and your goals.

For example, relatively fast development is possible with the Swift programming language which helps to write code smoothly due to its extensive features and easily improve an application in the future if needed. Note that the predecessor of Swift is Objective-C. Currently, this object-oriented programming language is regarded to be outdated since its last version dates back to 2016. Still, you might prefer your iOS app to be written in Objective-C if you want to target older Apple devices not supported by Swift.

Simple general-purpose applications can be created even faster with HTML5 which is also a good choice if you would like to have software that operates flawlessly without Internet access.

Flutter, which also includes the iOS SDK is becoming more and more popular for building iOS apps with a beautiful modern UI, and is particularly handy for creating more software versions for other mobile and desktop operating systems as well as web apps.

Note that sometimes Java, albeit not a popular development language for iOS, can prove to be useful, especially if you need to create an iOS version of an Android application written in Java. React Native is also a great choice for iOS development while handled by JavaScript experts.

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