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Deploying an Android app for your enterprise will open a portal to the vast audience introducing your business to over 2.5 billion active users of smartphones and tablets relying on the Android operating system. We will join our forces in professional Kotlin and Java mobile app development not only to deliver the desired product to you, but also to give it the edge over the competition.

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Our offer includes full support for custom Android application development, design, and after-go-live maintenance.

We will take care of each element of your project, estimating and meeting its technical and functional requirements while focusing on building a product with an outstanding user interface design and experience. We will conduct the necessary quality testing to ensure your software is fully functioning and help you release it on Google Play.

Why does your business need an Android mobile app?

Over 70% of portable devices around the globe are powered by Android, while the total number of Android applications downloaded in 2021 was 64.6 billion. You can also reach the ever-growing market of Android users and start gaining profits from your software fast due to the developer-friendly policies of the Google Play app store.

Global reach

Expand your business reaching the users of over 3 billion active Android devices in over 190 countries.

Global reach

Tap into the market without meeting stringent requirements due to the auspicious Google Play app store policies.

Low project costs

Minimize costs of app development and boost ROI by utilizing a powerful software development kit and getting easy approval for publishing.

Wide hardware compatibility

Provide users with an app featuring flawless performance and a great experience on different models of devices.

High customization

Make your app more engaging equipping it with useful functionality and a stylish customizable user interface.

Optimal distribution

Leverage powerful integration between different platforms and facilitate multiple distribution channels for your Android app.

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What are the costs of Android mobile app development?
There is no single rule for the estimation of the final price of an Android mobile application. The most crucial factor determining the overall expenses is the complexity of the project. The more advanced features you would like to add to your software, the more time will be needed for building your app. As a result, this will increase the costs of the final product.

The intricacy of Android mobile apps varies from the most basic software of the MVP type (minimum viable product) to state-of-the-art projects with tens of screens, untypical layout, powerful animation, multiple integrations, complex databases, high customization and advanced security protocols.

You'll find embedding any feature such as payment gateways, chat, search engine, geolocation or video and audio streaming adding up to the final price of your product.
Do you provide app maintenance after Android mobile application development?
Yes, we offer complex post-go-live maintenance of our products including monitoring and analyzing app performance using modern tools such as Google Analytics, Firebase, Crashlytics or HockeyApp to detect any possible bugs and crashes. We take care of fixing any performance issues and help our clients to improve their Android applications if needed.
Can I use your help for modifying my Android mobile app after its release?
Yes, we are open to maintaining your app after its publication on Google Play App Store. You can use our support services and we will allocate time for monitoring and fixing your product and will be available to start working on its modification when it is needed.

We are also willing to help you to change your application even if you do not choose our maintenance services. Feel free to contact us whenever you need assistance, albeit, in this case, we cannot guarantee you being able to start working on your project right away, as it will depend on the current work schedule of our team.
Do you offer Android MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development?
Yes, you can count on our services for creating an Android MVP. In fact, we suggest you get started with an MVP before investing in the final version of a mobile app. When you define the core functionality you want to see in your product, it will be possible to build an MVP. This is the most effective way to get market feedback and understand the software's potential and its weak points. At the same time, it helps companies to avoid the costs of equipping their products with potentially redundant functionality.

With this broader view of the market, we move on to preparing an Android app for its final release.
What are the possibilities for Android app monetization?
There are many tactics you may choose to make your Android app generate profit after it is distributed, however, you should keep in mind the primary goal of your product. If you would like to develop mobile software to support e-commerce, in all likelihood, your major income will be generated by selling your goods or services through your app.

The most obvious option is to release a paid application. In this case, you should be aware of the policy of the Google Play app store not allowing you to turn the software released as a paid one into a free app in the future. If you happen to change your mind about a monetization strategy after the publication of your product, you will still be able to reduce its price in the form of a discount, albeit the minimum fee has to be equal to at least $0.99.

Other common options for generating income is including in-app purchases or embedding advertisements.
What are the advantages of choosing Android development for a mobile application?
Android is the most popular mobile operating system which covers almost three-fourths of the market of smartphones and tablets, which means you can easily reach a large audience around the world using Android devices. At the same time, Android allows you to deploy different app distribution options. While the Google Play app store is an official Android app marketplace and the most popular way to download Android applications, apps for the Android OS are also offered by third-party vendors, for instance, Amazon Appstore.

Another crucial benefit of Android mobile development is the fact you can launch your product fast. Google Play App Store does not have stringent requirements for your application to be approved, so you do not have to wait for its adoption to start generating income. Furthermore, it also gives more flexibility for structure and functionality customization as it does not have to meet a long list of predefined rules to be approved by Google Play Store.

Finally, the development process of Android mobile apps itself is becoming faster and more efficient due to its ever-improving Android SDK. The Android Studio integrated development environment (IDE) supports the creation of efficient native Android apps and prepares them for testing on real devices with different operating system versions.

Such development tools as Android's long-term companion Java, and Kotlin, Google's official Android programming language come packaged with functionality and high-security features to create modern mobile applications. Optimized technology for developing applications for Android with Kotlin and Java programming languages, efficient modules, frameworks, libraries and APIs boost the work of Android developers resulting in a seamless workflow, fewer lines of code and faster delivery of a fully-functioning product to its end users.

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