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The next step in product development was implementing Revbee to discover what a travel agent's customers thought of its tours by collecting reviews. It turned out that this product had many benefits for the travel agency: impact on the quality of the product, getting unique content that positively affected SEO, increased sales, and authenticity of the company. In turn, customers see reviews validated by their purchase and get first-hand information. Social proof and recommendations make the customer have more confidence in choosing trip and tour operator. 
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Let’s see our results

response rate
opinions collected

Let's see our results

response rate
opinions collected

Key features
of Revbee

Thanks to a rich analytical system and smooth data collection, the client can receive valuable customer satisfaction and preferences information to improve their offer accordingly. In addition, RevBee has an intuitive dashboard allowing tracking statistics and collected data in convenient sheets, diagrams, and charts.
Great UI/UX
The reviews can be easily posted from both desktop and mobile. Also, the solution is equipped with an intuitive and user-friendly panel designed for practical use. The client has the freedom to prepare the survey in the way they prefer, according to the specifics of the rated offer.
The customer can post a review only after logging in to an individual account. They can attach photos and rate their experience from 1 to 6. This way, the comment is never anonymous, making the content trustworthy and reliable. All the published offers are moderated; however, negative reviews remain untouched while only the content not complying with the policy of the service is being removed. Thanks to this, the client can respond to the current needs of its customers.
E-mail sending
Thanks to smooth integrations with various e-mail systems, the client can send e-mails with surveys fully automatedly. They can benefit from e-mail scheduling, reminders, and detailed analysis of parameters such as the open rate or bounce rate. The content of the e-mails and the surveys can be easily created thanks to an intuitive, automated editor.


Shortly after the launch, the product became highly successful. Thanks to RevBee, Itaka quickly became a leader in the number of collected reviews of provided services written in Polish. Collecting customer feedback made it possible for the travel agency to respond to its customers' current needs.
The client is also satisfied with improved SEO metrics, thanks to unique content generated by tour operator customers themselves.
Customers of the travel operator gained additional information about the tours they are interested in. Social proof makes it easier for them to decide on a reservation.
Thanks to the huge flexibility provided by integrations and carefully designed product architecture, the solution can also be easily adjusted in several industries beyond travel.

Next steps

A few months after the product launch, the application is now ready for further improvements, scaling, and adjusting to the specific need of clients beyond the travel industry. Thanks to the huge flexibility provided by integrations and carefully designed product architecture, the product is universal. It can be tailored to the needs of any organization within a short time of a few weeks. 

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