A Perfect Travel Mobile App Doesn’t Exi… Oh, Wait! How to Create Engaging Travel Software for Mobile?

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There are more than 2 million mobile apps available for download on the App Store, and almost 3 million of them on Google Play Store. The average user stores around 15-20 mobile applications on his/her device. And how many apps do you keep on your smartphone? What makes you use them regularly? One of the most important matters an author should take into consideration – how to convince a client not to delete your software, especially when it comes to travel business? Technically, is quite easy to build an app, but it is much harder to create an app that will attract users – make them download it, and not remove it after a few days/weeks. What are the key features that keep your customers attached? We made a brief list of characteristics of a perfect travel mobile application. If you wish to have an engaging software for your company, let this be a useful inspiration.  

1. Engage users – give them a reason to use the app  

An application without a significant purpose won`t attract users. Let’s be frank – there are thousands of apps that were created without sense. It is important to find a reason to install the software and attach customers to it. How to do that? It should be a stand-alone app. It means that the user doesn`t need to visit your website or visit your office. Think of a set of useful features. In terms of travel, it can be the possibility of checking available trip offers, booking holidays, making reservation amendments, access to discounts and special prices (that can be active only on mobile), checking flight details, timetables, and planners, “to do” lists, access to documents. Lots of things to choose from. Carefully plan all functionalities based on your customers’ needs. Make your app a valuable source of information. How to make their life easier with an app? If you know the answer to this question, you`re already halfway to success.  

2. Add a bit of entertainment  

People like to compete. Add a system of collecting badges or points for purchased products, posting comments, and uploading photos. Encourage customers to join a game. Think of something simple yet absorbing. This can help boost traffic in the app, as well as gain very precious user-generated content. It will also help to attach users to your application. Create special events, and plan different client activities, like seasonal contests. This way, they won`t get bored so easily.  

3. Take care of the usability  

A UX designer should definitely be involved in the design process. He/she will ensure that the application is usable, intuitive, and easy to use. It is important to check details, such as button sizes, margins, right colors, font sizes, etc. But you also need to provide an application that can be handled by people of all ages and skills. Incorporating specialized ux design services into the process adds a layer of expertise, ensuring that all these critical elements are effectively addressed. A good user experience designer will take care of that.

4. Usable, but also pretty  

Don`t forget about a nice layout. Smartphone users pay attention to nice graphics and attractive photos. Ensure that an experienced designer will take care of the project. Do not underestimate the power of an icon! Yes, the one appears on the screen after your client installs the app. Make sure it is eye-catching. It will compete with plenty of other downloaded apps. The app design should be simple but attractive and modern.  

5. Connect users  

A good way to attract users is to give them the possibility to connect with you or other customers. A chat, notifications about timetable changes, or any other essential information will be a really big plus. Also, enabling people to contact others with the same interests can be a good idea. Like a community of travelers.  

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