Safe Trip? Go Contactless on Your Journey With Itaka App 

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The pandemic changed the perception of “safety” in many ways. This also applies to the Travel industry. It’s hard to keep a distance and travel great distances while staying safe, but this is where technology steps in. Going “contactless” means a lot more now than just contactless payments. The Itaka app delivers a convenient experience for those who need and want to plan a safe journey. This innovative approach transfers to various features, which help travelers save time and enjoy stress-free trips. Are you ready to plan your next journey?  

Stay in touch with technology — contactless features are on top 

Even before the pandemic, we had contactless payments — and it’s no surprise that in Covid-19 times this technology became an everyday thing. It is necessary to emphasize that the zero-touch option is in demand, especially for the younger generations. These solutions shorten the time of any actions, from making payments to… traveling. Remote check-in? Yes, please — use a mobile application, scan your board pass at the kiosk and print your bag tag.  
The travel and hospitality industries have encountered a significant challenge during the pandemic. Therefore, providing efficient yet safe options for the customers was crucial. Again, contactless technology came to the rescue — it is now possible to use mobile applications for checking in at the hotel, enter the room without a physical key, and contact the concierge via an app on a mobile device. It is also vital for the hotels as users can receive push notifications and other information to explore additional services. This means that technology is profitable for both customers and hosts. 

Mobile applications — what do you get? 

Contactless interactions have a positive influence on the travel experience. They make every journey safer, faster, and more convenient. It’s not that these solutions just emerged in the travel industry. The pandemic made these solutions a requirement for travel industry companies to stay in the game. Also, the trends in mobile and demographic factors suggest that automation and the zero-touch experience will expand worldwide and in industries. How does that apply to travel and hospitality? Touchless technologies have taken the industry by storm, from ground transport to air travel. Thermal cameras in airports, touchless gates at railway stations, biometric passports — it’s happening now. In Japan, there’s even more — people don’t need to pull out their mobile device from a pocket or a handbag to provide the mobile boarding information.  
What else is there (so popular that you don’t even pay attention to it)? QR codes that allow you to view any information on your phone. Also, these translate to an individual experience. There is no need to engage the personnel (and reduce the chance of a mistake). We live in times where time is the most valuable currency — the faster you receive a product or service, the more convenient it is. Add the safety factor to this model, making a top-notch solution that increases the brand experience for users. Enhance it with a broad spectrum of options, and you get a game-changer. That’s precisely what Axabee did — it’s the Itaka app. A travel center in your hand. 

Go contactless with the Itaka app — way beyond just mobile payments 

First and foremost, a journey should be a pleasant and comfortable experience. Whether you’re going on a holiday or a business trip, you need to feel safe. The less you stress, the more you enjoy the travel. We know that brand experience and UX factors are important, so we focus on identifying customers’ needs. According to a study, the leading technologies that increase confidence to travel are:  
– Mobile applications that provide on-trip notifications and alerts — 42%;  
– Contactless payments — 42%;  
– Mobile boarding — 39%;  
– Self-service check-in — 36%.  
The Itaka app provides these and even more! You can go contactless — way beyond just mobile payments. With Itaka app, you can:  
– Access the information about the destination and the travel guides with helpful tips;  
– Access the travel documents (once downloaded before your trip, they can be accessed at any time, even without an Internet connection);  
– Compare prices, facilities, hotel standards, and reviews via the offer comparison tool;  
– Buy additional services (parking spots, insurance, etc.);  
– Perform the check-in while arriving at your destination — without meeting your representative;  
– Book trips;  
– Rent a car;  
– Book a flight;  
– Access the information provided by the holiday representative on-site (after previous moderation by the tourist agency);  
– Join a loyalty program and choose a prize for collected points.  
Your Itaka app is a fully remote, safe, and accurate travel planner and tool for communicating with a representative and hotels and other venues. It’s the brand-new travel experience at your fingertips! Planning a trip and traveling has never been easier and safer. Itaka app covers it all. Furthermore, thanks to the omnichannel experience approach, you can also manage your travels in the same way — on your desktop. 

Travel and hospitality at your fingertips 

Booking flights, checking in at the hotel, renting a car — you can manage all that via the Itaka app. Mobile applications changed the world a few years ago, and this trend is still rising. You don’t have to speak the local language to travel around a different country. You can use one of the applications, like Uber, to get wherever you want. This also covers the matter of payment — it goes contactless. Mobile apps are helpful for a broader spectrum of needs — i.e., ordering a meal from the local restaurant, comparing the prices in various venues (and viewing the opinions), or finding interesting places to visit. Keep in mind that this is not some random information. With mobile apps, you receive offers and data that suit your preferences.  
Going contactless provides you with personalized offers — this way, you get exactly what you need without spending time on research (and — if required — translating the information). For example, do you need to receive accurate data about local attractions, excursions, or any other relevant information? Not a long time ago, you would have to talk with your representative in person. This has changed — you can access that information remotely. We call it the towards-consumer approach. And we are great at this. We — Axabee — did our best to enhance your travel experience with the Itaka app. That’s why we also made the RepApp — an application for representatives. You won’t miss anything — your representative will update you in real time about all options and details regarding your trip. 

Itaka app — a complex tool for planning and organizing trips 

The Itaka app also works well for representatives. The ‘RepApp’ allows them to communicate with customers without the need to meet in person. This is the gateway to a broad spectrum of possibilities (which we implement for your convenience), such as adding information about the location, providing data about interesting excursions, local restaurants, and many more. The RepApp is fully compatible with the Itaka app for communicating with travelers. You don’t need to see your representative in person. All your needs can be taken care of via the application. A convenient, time-saving, tailored-to-needs solution.  
Do you need to reschedule your trip? Maybe you want to check your flight details or implement any changes in your journey? You are just a few taps away from that. Contactless technology allows you to shape your future instantly. You can plan your trip in every detail with a mobile device (or via desktop – check our article about the omnichannel experience). There’s no need to find a free time slot in your calendar to arrange an appointment with your representative or visit the travel office. All options are accessible from the Itaka app level — whet—it’s about renting a car or checking in at your destination.